Langudden Sink Mini-Review and Mod 

When choosing which sink to buy the deciding factors are usually size and aesthetic appearance. In terms of functionality, there is not a great deal of difference between them. When I came to plumb in a Langudden Inset Sink from Ikea for a customer in Clifton Bristol , it stood out as an especially good sink compared to the others.

The most notable feature is the sound-absorbing material attached to the underside. It is not at all uncommon to find one panel of such material on any standard sink. The Langudden, however, has one of these panels attached to every single side as well as underneath. As one might expect, this deadens the clink of pans and vibration of water much better than the standard sink can. It also makes for a much more solid-feeling basin.

From a plumbing point of view, I modified the Langudden to enable it to fit to a standard waste as the Ikea wastes are not a good long term solution . The overflow that the sink comes with has a proprietary, oval-shaped connection. In order to install it onto a standard waste and round plastic over flow pipe , I simply heated the over flow pipe with a paint stripper gun to make it supple. This  allowed me to push it onto an oval connection on the overflow,

There is not much more to say bout the  Langudden. Other than it is a very good sink for the price.

Bensham shower cartridge identification

I recently had plumbing job in Bristol that required the replacement of a shower cartridge, but I had problems with identifying a cartridge for a Bensham shower. I thought I would share my findings in case it helps anyone else.

shower cartridge identification
How to identify Bensham shower cartridge

The shower was a Bensham Edwardian exposed thermostatic shower, and the cartridge is manufactured by Valquest, model DC70.

DC70 comes in two versions: SDC70-T32 and SDC70-T20. You can tell which version you have by counting the number of brass teeth, so T32 = 32 teeth and T20 = 20 teeth.

Valquest DC70 model identification
Other shower makes that use this cartridge are Trueshopping and Crosswater.

Who is responsible for a blocked sewer or drain?

A change in the law in October 2011, the sections of sewers and pipe that you share with neighbors and pipes outside your property boundary, which connect to our existing network, are now the responsibility of the local water company. The diagram below will make things a little clearer.

The local water and sewage company for Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas is Wessex water If you need to find for your local area

Ownership of sewers
Sewer responsibility

Drains “A drain is a pipe that drains water and waste from a building with in the property boundary” Are the responsibility of the home owner except where you share with your neighbors (see diagram)

Lateral drain “A lateral drain is a pipe which lies outside of your property boundary it carries waste water away from a building” are publicly owned and should be maintained by the local water company with in your area
Sewer “A sewer collects water and waste from the lateral drains of buildings” are normally publicly owned and should be maintained by the local water company with in your area.