Shower Screens

I’ve noticed that a lot of people in Bristol are opting for shower screens when installing a new shower. The appeal is understandable; they look more solid and integrated with the bathroom. You see them in hotels and the idea is that they are easy to clean with a bit of glass cleaner. The reality, however, is different. I have yet to come across one that doesn’t leak. With leaks comes standing water, and with standing water comes mould. Shower screens look tatty in no time, and I would always advise against them.

There are many options for good quality shower curtains out there, and most of these you can clean in a regular washing machine with regular washing liquid or powder. Even the really tough stains on a shower curtain will come off if a couple of towels are added to the wash. There are also linen shower curtains available, which can be washed at a higher temperature to ensure all mould and bacteria are killed.  As with any advice, please check the packaging of the product to ensure you use the right temperature, and be especially careful when washing plastic curtains.

For those that still want a screen, or something similar, it would be worth looking at a hybrid product like this:

over-bath shower panel

The curtain stops the water leaking and pooling by the fixings, so they don’t end up looking like this: