Location, Location, Location

What colour should the tiles be?

Should we go for a corner bath?

How about a fancy waterfall tap?

These are all important plumbing decisions when designing a new bathroom, but before thinking about any of these it is important to first think about location.

Where all of the bathroom features go in the room affects how quickly and efficiently I can do my job putting in the pipework and fitting everything into the room. More importantly, it affects your experience when using the room.

For example, I’ve seen Bristol bathrooms with showerheads placed directly opposite the cubicle door. To let the water run and heat up means then soaking the floor when opening the door again to get in. The only other option is to get in before turning the shower on and then stand under cold water for the first minute or so. Perhaps a good thing for a morning wake-up call, but not ideal for a relaxing experience.

I’ve also seen sinks and toilets squeezed onto a far-too-small portion of wall. These look neat and tidy from the bathroom doorway, but sitting on the toilet with a cold, ceramic sink basin poking into your shoulder is again, a less than pleasant experience.¬†Towel warmers placed well out of reach of the shower will provide an exceptionally frustrating experience on a cold winter morning. Even a frosted glass window will give your Bristol neighbours a glimpse of your silhouette as you get into the bath placed directly underneath it. The list goes on.

With all of this in mind, I always recommend the people of Bristol consider not only the aesthetic value of their new bathrooms, but also the day-to-day experience in these rooms. As a plumber I see my role as more than just fitting whatever does the job wherever it fits, but also helping my customers have a good experience after all the pipework is in and tiles are fitted. Advising on the best layout for a bathroom is an all-important part of the service.

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